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Here the Hessdalen's Light mystery solved!

The mystery of the strange Hessdalen's lights has long been known. It is a light phenomenon which has manifested itself in the skies of Hessdalen Valley, Norway, from 80's. It is light disks of great dimensions and different colors which fly throughout the Hessdalen's sky by enlightening the entire Valley.

 The flying lights have always been compared to UFO activity, but now a team of Italian researchers have finally come to a conclusion: it just would be an electrochemical effect.

Copper and sulfur of ancient mines in the valley, along the iron presents in the rocks on the opposite side of the valley, seem to constitute a giant battery, which makes flowing electric particles bubble-like in the air. This hypothesis also explains why the Hessdalen's lights would be more visible during Aurora: the Sun triggers electrically charged partcles which increase the phenomenon.

In the end, Aliens do not seem to be the guilty!

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