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Urban heat may warm up faraway places

In past, many scientists had always treated the topic in which they tryed to explain why cityes are generally hotter than suburban places.

Now, a new research, says that the urban heat, born by air pollution, may also increase temperature of other places in the world, even far away from the city.

This is the result from the Scripps Instituition of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, which confirm that cities Northern Hemisphere can warm rural places up to 1°C. The reason comes from global air flow.

Heat produced by cars travels about 762 metres into the atmosphere, untill it being disturbed by jet streams that continually circulate a belt of cool air around the top of panet: when hot air intercept this jet stream, it pushes the belt upward, allowing hot air from Equator coming farther north, warming parts of northern Europe and North America that normally would have be cooler.



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