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Animal of the week...24

The swallow is a little migratory bird which commonly lives in Europe, Asia, Africa and Amerca. It's short but very nimble, long about 18 cm with windspang of 12cm. The tail is long and forked, the wings are sharp and, finally, swallow has even a straight, dark, thin beak.

This bird builds a concave nest, made of mud, which is carried by their beak. The inside part of th nest is full of grass or feathers. The nesting occurs twice a year, every time deposing 4 or 5 eggs, which are being hatched by female swallow for 16 days. Both the parents look after the chicks, by feed them until their maturity.

Swallows are similiar to insectivorous birds: they feed of flies, mosquitoes, dragonflies and other flying bugs. 

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