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Animal of the week...26

The Grass Snake, also known as "ringed snake" or "water snake", is an European non-venomous snake. This snake is typically dark green or brown, with a yellow collar behind its head.

Grass snake can reach up to 190 centimeters in lenght, altough females are larger than males, by reacing a size ranging from a size of 90-110 centimeters. You can find this reptile throughout the Europe, from Scandinavia to Southern Italy, even though grass snakes are totally absent in Scotland and in Ireland.

Grass snakes are great swimmers. During the winter, they hibernate, by waking up in April.

They prey mainly on amphibians, such as the toad and the frog. Occasionally, they may feed up of mamals and fish. In fact, grass snakes live near fresh watershed: banks of rivers, lakes or ponds.

The reproduction comes as soon as their awakening, that is between April and May. The eggs, having a leather skin, are laid in June in groups of 8-10 eggs. These eggs must be kept under a temperature value of 21°C. The flora rotting and compost are the optimum place for hatching eggs. Young snakes can reach 18 centimeters in lenght and, one time they are born, snakes are at once independent.

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