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Hyalophora Cecropia is a member of Saturniidae family, or gigant silk moths, and is the North America's largest native moth.

Its wingspan reaches the 160mm in width and it is found as far West as Rocky Mountains and in Northern Canada. 

Like all memberf of gigant silk moths family, the nocturnal adult are designed only to reproduction, lacking of functional mouthparts and digestive system. Generally, these gigant moths survive just for two weeks.

To find a male, female moths emit pheromones which the male's sensitive antennae may detect up to mile away, although a male can only fly for 7 mile away to search a parter. After breeding, female lays up to 100 eggs, which hatch into thiny black caterplillars.

Larvae eat common trees and shrubs, including mable, birch and apple.

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