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Alien technology in medical surgery

Every films, comics or books which talk about alien's invasion on Earth displayed the famous "tracton beam", used by UFO spacecrafts to kidnap the poor humans.

Not many people are aware, but for some years ago, it's been known that the light ( especially laser ray) may attract microscopic amounts of matter. A researcher team from two English universities, that ones of Dundee and Southampton, and one American university ( the Illinois Wesleyan University) tuned a new ray which allows to move tools whoose dimentions overcome the centimeters.

The new ray is based on the action of a double ultrasound flows. The two radiations hit the target in a parallel way, by creating a pressure on the rear of it; so the tool moves towards the light source.

Scientists foresee the usage of the double light in medical surgey, where ultrasounds have already utilized; but even in the biological and biotechnological areas. 

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