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Ancient Mystery Solved.

Near the summit of Volcano Llullaillaco in Argentina, three Inca mummies were found so well preserved that they allowed to put a light about they death. 

Behind they life's end, there's an ancient ritual of Capacocha which is ended with their sacrifice. Now, the bodies of 13 years old of a girl and her younger companion have revealed that the victims were submitted under chemical treatment of mind-altering substances which played a key role on their death during the entire ritual prepared for them. 

The biochemical analysis, the girl's hairs had highlighted what she ate and drunk during the two last years of her life: between the found molecules, there were coca and alcohol consuption. These latter substances also were found in other ritual victims, by feeding the theory that only selected children could take parte to sacred ceremonies, until the death.

In Inca ideology, historians say, coca and alcohol could induce victims to altered states fixed with the sacred. But, probably, the substances play a more pragmatic role, as well as disorienting and sedating for young victims to make them more accepting og their own grim fates.

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