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Asian pollution hits hard North American climate

The great financial development which is bringing forward the Oriental countries, e.g China, is producing high amounts of smog released into the atmosphere, exactly like a big black cloud which is keeping on mouving to North America.

Asian pollution is leading stronger cyclones through the Pacific area, with more precipitations and a heat courrent draught untill North Pole. With after all these changes, "It's is certain that climate is changing in the U.S.", say Renyi Zhang to National Geographic, a professor of atmosferic sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station.

Pollutans are suspended in the air like an arosol of thiny particles. Usually this arosol is composed by the salt, coming from Ocean waves, and by the dust, which blown off the lands. Now, the most significant particles are sulfates emitted, mainly, from coalfired power plants. Other secondary pollutans are emitted from vehicle exausted emissions and from factory work.

All these particles adsorb and scatter sun light, with the conseguence of a temperature increasing.

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