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Detected a control mechanism of cellular metabolism

Here discovered a fundamental mechanism in the control of the methabolism in each our cell! The knowledge of the ways in which cells use they nutrients for structural or energy purposes is very important in Oncology and in fighting against many deseases.

In fact, cancer cells, grown more quickly if they use another mechanisms to pruduce energy, by fovouriting the recycling of its component rather the exploiation of external resources. In short, they perform a careful plan of "energy saving" in order to help their reproduction, by contrasting our immune response and spread into our tissues. This process is called Autophagy.

 The neurons and muscle cells, instead, make use of the same "alternative" metabolic activity to "clean up" themselves by toxic substances or defective organelles and, when the mechanism blocks itself, goes to degeneration.

To human health, Autophagy can have, therefore negative roles, in tumors, or positive, in degenerative diseases, depending on the circumstances.


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