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Discovered Some Proof of a Comet Strike on Earth

A thin slice of blach pepple was found in Sahara desert. The pattern was submitted under isotopic analysis and, measuring the found percentual of main element, such as argon and carbon, it was discovered that the pepple piece wasn't part of a meteor, but of a comet.

Confirming the repert, there were some interesting informations coming from Egyptian archaeological treasures. A Saharan glass and a brooch belonging to King Tut would provide the evidence of an ancient direct strike of a coment with the Earth. The findind may open the doors of some questions about the birth of the Solar System.

The researchers so gone back to the probable events: about 28 millions years ago, a comet exploded over the Egypt, by rising the temperature untill 2000°C and creating a blast wawe which spread out over the desert. The fiery shockwawe melted the sand, forming amounts of slica glass scattered over 6000 square kilometers in the Sahara.

A piece of the scattered glass would had been polished into the shape of a scarab beetle and embedded into the King Tut's brooch. Untill now, researcher at Wits University in Johannesburg ( South Africa), haven't been found no crater.