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Ebola's Case: Victims number could increase a lot.

Ebola epidemic which has burst Africa since the August of this year could rafforce itself and spread to more than a million people during the next mouths, according U.S. Centers for Desease Control and Prevention ( CDC) data.

In January 2015, about 1,4 million of people in West Africa arre going to becam sick of Ebola, the virus gone out of control since this March, which has already infected at least 5,843 people and killed 2,803, according World Healt Organizzation.

CDC is working against the virus in many African Countries, like Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, in which has send 120 people. The fight against this virus shows itself very difficult, because a practice etiological doesn't exist actually: it's the main motive in which this virus is being classified as 4 level, that  encloses all that viruses able to diffuse in the populations, but doesen't  have a real cure.

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