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Experts discover the Dolphins' killer.

A sudden death is hitting dolphins along U.S. east coast. 

Everything is started in 26th of August, when 333 were found dead or dying in the beaches from New York to North Carolina. In these death mamals, the following assays claim the presence of Cetacean Morbillivirus, a virus belonging to the same family of that one which causes measles in people. This virus group does not jump from species to species, as said Jerry Saliki, virologists at the University of Georgia who has been conducing laboratory analyses of samples from the stranded dolphins.

In spite of everything, U.S. NOAA officials ( National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) are worried about probable infections to people and warning the public not to approach stranded dolphins as they could have secondary bacterical or fungal deseases which can be a risk to the people health.

Researchers confirm that the recent outbreak was the result of several environmental factors, such as heavy meatal pollution and sea surface temperature changes.

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