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German Shepherds against poachers.

Illegal trade of ivory or the poaching activity in Africa for the sale of mamal preacious leather dramas is still a reality.

Thus, since 2011, the Big Life Foundation decided to adopt four German Shepherds in order to counteract poaching activity in Tanzania. These German Shepherds come from a kennel in Oland. The Foundation trained the dogs with the collaboration of Canine Specialists Services International, an organizzazion of Tanzania.

The project is a success.

The 14th October 2014, these dogs helped to catch of an armed poachers team while they're escaping after killed a male African elephant near Tarangire National Park. This is just the last of  successes serial which this canine team was the first hero. The anti-poaching dogs are revailed as one of the most efficient weaponry againts this bloody war for illegal ivory trade.


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