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Here the hidden part of DNA.

The last missing 10% of the genome has just localized thanks to a research kept on Latins' DNA study, the genes sequence which is needed to complete the mapping of human genome.

Researchers at Havard Medical School and the Broad Institute in the U.S., have discovered the "hiding" of 20millions base pairs of the life code, by using a mathematical model, developed by the same researchers, to fill missing pieces of the puzzle. 

These pieces are being identified by the use of the Latinos, as reported on American Journal Of Human Genetics magazine. The mathematical technique devised by one of the researchers, Giulio Genovese, works better when subjects have a bit of African DNA, beacuse African genomic diversity provides a large number of genetic markers. The methods is more powerful when the subjects have only a little of African ancestry, because this signal remains then for the most part located in some regions of their genomes. 

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