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How plastic garbage could kill acquatic organims

In the last year, the rate of killed acquatic mamals increased. Helping ths dramatic news is due to plastic debris in the Oceans, which could be seen as food for big acquatic mamals. To confirm this result is a team of biologist from Virginia Acquarium Marine Center which, in the last August, took away a study about a wale's corpse found near the shore of Elizabeth River.

Before dying, wale sighted confused and disoriented: the succesful rescue operations was futile. Wale died after few days later.

The autopsy performed on the body has evidenced the presence of a piece of DVD case in the stomach. The case lacered the organs and avoided the wale to feed up. 

Many mamals swallow up plastic debris, in particular seabirds and turtles. The garbage potentially obstruct the the stomach or intestine, triggering several bleedings which led to death.  

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