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Meditation over 900 years!

This Buddha sculpture is dated back about XI-XII century B.C. and hides a secret! Actually is a funeral urn, and inside contains the corpse of a monk during its long prayer.

No organs are found inside the statue: the archeologists think that they were taken out after the death, and they are replaced with paper fragments written in chinese ideograms.

The statue was found Mongolia, in Ulan Bator district. The presence of the mummy inside was noticed early,but last year, after radiografy studies in the Meander Medical Center ( near Utrecht, Netherlands) , researchers found the manuscript between the bones. The entire skeletron is remained under lotus positions for centuries.

The corpse would own to Liuquan, master of the Chinese Meditation School, who is died about 1100 B.C.

Like Liuquan, other 20 monks was found at the same features. Recently, it was ipotized one teory, in which all these monk performed a special ritual of "slow suicide", as a progressive abandonment of their body. The ritual consists in a diet composed just of seeds and nuts for few yers. After, you pass to assume venom brews and roots to delete fats and preseve tissue from the decayment ( auto-mummification). When the monk die, its body wasn't touched anymore, and was venerated as a Saint.


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