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Posted new study about Vampire Bats.

Vampire Bat is only a type of bat which has got a special feature: drinking animal blood.

This odd ability could be learned when, millions of years ago, some bat species had found something of special beyond hunting insect: the animal blood. From there, a DNA evolution allowed the development of Vampire Bats. A lot of the adaptions are very easy to see with naked eye: Vampire bat have Drakula-like teeth, which use to puncture the tough hide of cows and dip their long tongue to take up the blood.

Another stunning adaptation is the way in which these bat move themselves during the hunt. Like all bats, Vampire Bats can fly; but they can also walk or gallop on the ground, as this  Dan Riskin's video shows.

During the hunt, Vampire bats use their combination of senses-long range vision, a sharp sense of smell, acute hearing, and echolocation to find victims. When Vampire Bats dip the tongue into a wound, they also put their saliva into their victim, but the work of this last adaption is still unknown.