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The most Powerful European Microscope.

It's located in Sicily (Italy) the most powerful microscope in Europe. It is a special multiple eye which is able to scrutize the atom level of the matter with great screen details. 

This new "tool", able to see under the tenth of a millionth of millimeters, was acquired by the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystem of the National Research Council ( CNR, Centro Nazionale Ricerche) in Catania, at the Institute's laboratories in ST Microelectronics.

The new electronic scanning microscope allows you to see patterns "brighted" thanks to an electron thin flow, with very precise needles.

Analyzing the electrons in output, is thus possible to undertstand the materials' physical structure, such as the type and the position of each atom and 

realize the way in which these particles join together.

In the article's picture, there is a silicon surface composed by atom. The bond lengh is about 1,36 Angstrom.