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The Old Whooping Cranes Teach to Young How to Emigrate.

Many people had pondered about a strange question: how do migrating birds find their way between the breeding place and wintering ground?

Biologists had always given a more probable answer to this question, that is, the presence of a genetic GPS which allows to migrating birds the identification of the right way while they're flying.

A new research shows that, at least in the Whopering Cranes, the birds learn the right route from their older companion, having more experience about flying. The learning permits to flying groups to reduce the off-corse flying for 38 percent less than other groups in which the oldest birds are only a years old, according to a study performed in eight years about whooper migration beetween Wisconsin and Florida. In average, the last kind of migration bird groups veer off the flight by 97 kilometers.

The crane's migration ability improve steadily with the age, study claims. Groups with even one older bird deviate less than 64 kilometers from the most efficient route.

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