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The secret weapons which contrast virus' attack

A virus is an obliged intracellular pathogens, that is must infect a cell in order to reproduce itself. While the virus releases the genetic material to take the control of the entire cell system ( which lead it to the death), researchers at the Northwestern University of Chigaco have discovered a kind of counter from the infected cell: it is a protein called Pop3, which has been desribed in Nature Immunology journal.

According to the special article, cells have got anti-virus receptors, which are activated as soon as foreign DNA is inserted in the host cell's genome.

The allarm imput is given by some molecules called inflammasome which begin a series of chain reaction that draws the macrophage cell line.

The process produce an inflammation of the tissue which aim to the defeat of antigens. 

By analyzing in a mouse's cell, triggered by infammasome, researchers have seen the role of Pop3 for the first time. The study verified that this protein are able to limiting the inflammatory action caused automatically by virus invasion. The new molecule could be a key to developing new antiviral drugs or new anti-inflammatory.


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