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The Whole structure of Spinosaurus.

The fossil bones found between sandstones in Moroccan Sahara belonged to the Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. All these bone pieces are being joined togheter to obtain the most complete dinosaur's structure ever seen, competed of skull, claws and bones which compose the sail on its back.

According to the re-built anatomy, Spinosaurus had a crocosile snout, paddle-like feet and dense bones which helped the animal to rush and floating like a crocodile in water. Thanks to this feature, Spinosaurus could be the first dinosaur to live in water, swimming in North Africa's rivers 97 millions years ago.

Paleontologist claims that Spinosaurus was one of the most aggressive and the biggest between meat-eating dinosaurs ( 15,2 meters in length) also bigger than T-Rex.



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