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June 26, Ostrava University: Project Final Event in Czech Republic

The event will be opened by Prof. Tomas Sokolovsky, project manager of CVIV (Centrum Vizualizace to Interaktivity Vzdělávání), TKV partner in Czech Republic, following Annaleda Mazzucato, project manager of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, TKV project leader, will present the project activities and results in all countries involved.

The University of Ostrava will host the event. Experts in the field of education and adult learning will participate presenting TKV learning model and methodology. Zdenka Telnarov, assistant professor at Faculty of Science, University of Ostrava, will illustrate the results reached during the pilot courses carried on during the two years of project.

To know more, please download the Programme of the event on the project website http://tkv.mondodigitale.org/news/june-26-project-final-event-ostrava-czech-republic

You can also watch the video of the event at this link http://tkv.mondodigitale.org/video/26-june-2013-ostrava-university-cviv-final-event-czech-republic

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