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Italy and Spain compare notes on the European TKV Project. Technology brings countries and different generations together.

Roman tutors and grandparents at IPSS De Amicis sede di Cardinal Capranica participating in The Knowledge Volunteers Project met yesterday at the Rome Città Educativa (via del quadraro 102) and exchanged views via videoconference with their Spanish colleagues from the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Vila-Roja in Castellon where the courses have just ended.
Alfonso Molina, Professor of Technology Strategy at the University of Edinburgh and Scientific Director of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale inaugurated the meeting that featured the participation of Ana Lain and Cecilia Stajano, FMD School Innovation Manager, who presented the protagonists. Among the participants were grandpa Bruno, who lived in Venezuela, and tutor Diego, of Peruvian descent, who were able to exchange ideas with their counterparts directly in Spanish.
Everyone was extremely enthusiastic and readily revealed the great human value of this project that allows two worlds to come together and exchange ideas through the integration of technology.

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