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Thanks to volunteer students, over 800 elders in 5 European countries have become web experts.
Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and Romania are the five countries that hosted the digital literacy courses for over-sixties held by young volunteers thanks to Project The Knowledge Volunteers.
The best results were reached by elders in Romania, followed by Italy and the Czech Republic; last but certainly not least, the Greeks and Spanish who have become social networking experts and will now be able to keep in touch with their tutors and peers.
Let’s take a look at the numbers:
   In Italy, 100% of the elders that participated in the course now use Word to writer letters and take notes;
   In the Czech Republic, 90% of the course participants used e-mail to communicate with friends and family;
   In Greece, 94% of the elders who took the course are now able to access on-line public administration services;
   In Romania, 76% of the students can now use programmes such as Paint, while 56% has learned to modify photos;
   In Spain, 94% of the students now consult the web to decide what to do in their free time
The didactic kits were judged to be useful and efficient by 100% of the teachers, tutors and elders.
What were the greatest issues encountered by the elders? Keeping concentrated during the lessons, some of the topics were too advanced and some do not have PCs at home to practiced.
A few solutions: tutors custom-tailored their lessons to the individual needs of the elders, some even created ad hoc additional didactic material for their students and made the lesson more interactive. Others extended the amount of time allotted for the lessons to help their elder students practice their new skills.
Nearly all the teachers and tutors would like to repeat the experience and have suggested it to friends and colleagues.
What did the tutors learn?
They learned what “respect” means and how difficult it is to teach. They discovered that friends must not necessarily be from their same age group, that the elders can teach them precious life lessons, that they are important to society and that it is possible to have fun while teaching!
For further information please download the Evaluation Report
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