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Promotion of Civic Rights in Bangladesh through Education, Advocacy and ICT

Human Rights

Reinforces respect for civic rights and unites human rights activists in a network in order to establish a culture of human rights in Bangladesh.


Promotion of Civic Rights in Bangladesh through Education, Advocacy and ICT

Professional Development Workshops for Human Rights Activists: In order to develop sustainable capacity of human rights activists, RI provides training, equipment and technological support to a total of 400 activists. Topics covered include fundamentals of human rights, gender rights, documentation and facilitation skills, pluralism and minority rights, awareness and information and reporting as advocacy tools. A total of ten professional development trainings (one per district) are conducted during the first year of the project.

Connect Rural Journalists with Mainstream Media outlets: RI connects 20 local journalists from each target district to national media outlets through activity involves integrating local reporters into district, divisional or national level news organizations. As a result 200 rural journalists are provided training in use of ICT including computer and Internet to enhance their professional competency and outreach. RI implements this activity with a view to complement the current government’s vision to achieve digital Bangladesh.

Training for Journalists in ICT: With the view to develop human resources of the country, RI develops ICT skills of 20 journalists in each of the 10 districts. As a result, 200 journalists receive the opportunity to participate in ICT and skill development. Journalists learn the use of internet in communicating with their respective media outlets, development of website, blog, online newsletter etc. RI believes that this activity also complements the current government’s vision to achieve digital Bangladesh.

Virtual/Online Portal on Civic Rights: RI creates a portal which provides information on various policies and laws of the government in regard to human rights with particular focus on policies and laws on women and children issues.  The portal serves as an information clearinghouse on human rights in Bangladesh and features human rights reports submitted by CRN members.

Mini ICT grants for journalists/human rights activists: RI organizes a mini-grants competition for each of the two program years, where a total of 20 small grants are awarded to CRN chapters for activities such as public awareness campaigns, training of local government representatives and law enforcement agencies, etc.

Support to establishment of a Civic Rights Network: Participants in the professional development workshops form a civic rights network which acts as an advocacy body to promote human rights in the target districts. The mission of the network is to address issues related to human rights through various strategies such as awareness raising campaigns, advocacy activities, and more.

Capacity Building of CRN: RI organizes 10 follow-up workshops for the human rights activists under the network, which introduces participants to basic principles of organization management and allows them to explore practical ways to maintain a sustainable association and promote human rights through consistent and effective activities.

Digital Documentation: Members of the CRN work together to document human rights issues. The work is carried out through fact-finding missions and digital reporting on the following issues: violence against women repression of and religious minorities, freedom of speech/the media. The reports are shared with local government and law enforcing authorities.

Local Level Advocacy and Campaign: CRN members select at least 20 local level human rights issues and bring attention of the local authorities to the issues through carrying out advocacy activities for 20 cases. These are also brought to the attention of local government authorities.

Advocacy Meetings at the District and National Levels: The CRN organizes an advocacy workshop with local stakeholders (representatives of local government, including law enforcement agencies, the media, other civil society organizations and community leaders) in each of the 10 target districts during each year of the program. The theme of each event is identified based on the trends of human rights violations that require the attention of society and policymakers.

Radio Talk Shows: A series of eight radio talk shows addressing civic rights Bangladesh are organized at a nationally broadcast radio station in Dhaka. The talk shows are organized jointly by RI and the CRN, and involve human rights activists, community and religious leaders, government representatives, scholars, educators and youth.

Civic Rights Round tables: With support from RI, CRN members from each district organize a total of Civic Rights Roundtables (one per district per year) for community and religious leaders, educators and youth, where participants  discuss topics related to civic rights and plan follow-up awareness campaigns, to be implemented in the interim period between roundtables.

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