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All the fight starts with the entrance in our organism of the antigens. An antigen may be a molecule, a living organism, or anyway, everything that induces an immuno response of an infected organism.

The immune system is made up cells which preform differents defence jobs, divided in differents protection levels.

The primary level is constituted by macrophages ( granulocythes, monocytes). Macrophages are special cell which are able to engulf microorganisms and transmit antigen information ( under MHC proteins) to lymphocytes, information needed to antibody production.

The secondary defence level is constituted by T and B lymphocytes.

B lymphocytes can recognize antigen by themselves and start to the specific antibody production against the infecting antigen. T lymphocytes preform three different jobs; accorting to these jobs, T lymphocytes are called T-Helper, T-Surpressor  and T-Cytotoxic.

By lymphokynes production, T lymphocytes can increase antibody production (T-Helper) or slowing it (T-Surpressor). Lymphokines producted by T-Cytotoxic destroy non-self cells. T-Killer are another type of T-cells which act against the reproduction of tumoral cells (watch the video!).


In the end of this mechanism, memory cells are being produced: they're T and B lymphocytes which contain the information about the antigen for ever, in order to execute a faster and more efficient defence.

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