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Animal of the week...25

Although it's called as "bear", Koala is a marsupial mamal: in fact, after giving a bird, mom koala put their babies into her punch for about six mouths.

Koalas live in Eastern Australia, where eucalyptus forests are very plentiful. This animal spends its time by climbing on these trees, thanks to their sharp claws and oppositable digits easily keep them aloft. During the day, koalas love sleeping for up to 18 hours, by keeping them hidden in forks or  nooks in the trees.

When they don't sleep, koalas feed of eucalyptus leaves, especially at night. Each specie eats big amounts of leaves to maintain their size ( one kilogram of leaves a day). Koalas even store snacks of leaves in pounches in their cheeks.

Water is not incluted in their diet: Koala get moisture through eucalyptus leaves. It seems clear that Koalas have developped a special digestive system which allows them to break down the tough eucalyptus and withstand their poison.

These cuddly animals were hunted between 1920 and 1930 and their population decreased frighteningly. After helped they reproduction, they have rappeared in great number of species, scattered throughout the environment.

Koalas need more space to live, about a hundred trees per animal, a hard problem as Australia's woodlands continue to be cut off.  

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