Code of Conduct

This document contains the Code of Conduct of the website (“Phyrtual” or the “Website”) created at the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (“FMD” or “We”).  Phyrtual is an interactive, modifiable, evolutionary website aimed at enriching and empowering people and communities through the pursuit of social innovation based on knowledge, wisdom, arts, positive emotions and values, community building (social networking) and supporting instrumentation for all these aspects.  In short, it is a virtual innovation environment that integrates with physical innovation environments (Physical & Virtual = Phyrtual) giving rise to Phyrtual movements dedicated to social innovation projects, programmes and initiatives for a better world.


In this spirit, the members of the Phyrtual community are encouraged to contribute to the build up and maintenance of a fundamentally positive, stimulating and energizing behaviour by individuals, groups and organizations. Social innovation is highly demanding, resource-consuming and, often, left to the energies of a small proportion of entrepreneurial individuals.

The dream of is to improve this situation by offering a virtual environment in which all users can create, promote, make use, and be part of multiple interacting fluxes of knowledge, wisdom, arts, resources, emotions and values such as solidarity, fraternity, generosity, excellence, freedom, etc. True, as human beings, all of us are a “battlefield” between positive and negative aspects and it will not be easy to maintain always and purely on the positive side. This is the aspiration, however, in the understanding that the will to learn and improve continuously is critical. Mistakes and falls are all part of the life journey, the key is to learn and stand up again and again on the side of the positive traits of humanity. Phyrtual intends to be an environment favouring the individual and collective growth of these positive traits in the “battlefield” of humanity.


Most of us know by experience and intuition what are the ingredients of a good conduct for a community like Phyrtual. So, look at your actions honestly, face the positive and negative aspects, and give your best to bring the positive into Phyrtual. The following guidelines are useful:


  1. Be truthful, respectful and polite in your interaction and relations with other members of the Phyrtual community. Violent, abusive, obscene, pornographic, racist and other hateful discriminatory language is not accepted and will be removed from the website.  Phyrtual administrators also reserve the right to exclude from the site members who are offenders incapable of improvement.
  2. Try to make a positive contribution in all your communications. To enhance the quality of your contributions to any topic, be concise, accurate, informative, and to the point. False, misleading information can only damage the progress of your social innovation.
  3. Read and respect the privacy and copyright codes in the Phyrtual website.
  4. Report illegal and abusive behaviour that corrodes the positive spirit of Phyrtual.  This includes infringement of the copyright, privacy and commercial codes of  This is your community and you can help monitor, report and maintain its high standards of behaviour. If you spot something that may be a mistake or unintentionally improper, you may wish to contact the author/s and politely indicate to them the problem.  Phyrtual encourages an active role of its members in maintaining the standards of the community. On the other hand, if someone behaves in a heavy and/or persistently offensive or improper fashion, please send us an email.
  5. Phyrtual works on the bases of decentralized leadership and responsibility of social innovation projects. Project leader/s or administrator/s have the responsibility to ensure that all content and communication concerning their projects and communities should follow Phyrtual’s code of conduct. They are also responsible for maintaining the high standards of behaviour of their communities and should remove from their working spaces in Phyrtual any material that infringe the code of conduct.  If this does not happen, Phyrtual administrators reserve the right to remove the project from the website.
  6. Phyrtual website administrators must do everything in their power to see that the Code of Conduct is respected and, indeed, promoted by all members of the community.
  7. Phyrtual administrators and community are not legally responsible for the behaviour, activities and content entered by users, individual members or groups of members in the website. All content in any form (e.g., data, information, text, graphics, videos, etc.) inputted in by any mechanism (e.g., upload, email, etc.) is the exclusive responsibility of the person/s originating it. does not exercise any control on the activities of its users and, therefore, is not responsible or liable for any illegal, offensive or objectionable content. Indeed, is not liable under any circumstance for any consequence deriving from the behaviour of its users, including any harm or loss of any kind suffered by anybody as a result of any content present in any form in the website. reserves the right to monitor, edit and eliminate content considered detrimental to its spirit, activities and development. In addition,  all traffic of information, including data, images, comments etc. will be registered into a database and will be available for search and/or query. If needed, the FMD may use this information under the law in order to attribute responsibility to the user originating it. If the user deletes or edits these entries, the editing will be registered in a LOG format.
  8. Contribute to the well-being, growth and integrity of the Phyrtual website and community by playing an active role in its development, growth, diffusion, and implementation internally and externally. Promote the community in every appropriate occasion and enjoy the challenge of building up your social innovation project/s to the highest standards possible.
  9. Support, encourage, mentor, other members or potential members of the community who may request help from you. Solidarity, cooperation, shared learning and other positive forces are the best to achieve strong results in processes of social innovation.
  10. Encourage and nurture processes of empowerment at all levels, particularly at grass-roots levels. All Phyrtual members have valuable contributions to make and learn. In fact, each member must be treated as a potential creator and innovator in the processes of social innovation in which they participate. The Phyrtual community must work together for this to happen.
  11. A sense of responsibility to care for the well-being of the website and the community is encouraged and expected from each and everyone of its members and users. Give your best to your processes of social innovation and encourage others to give their best too.  “The very best for the weakest” is a guiding principle.
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